Rhythmic Gymnastics Hackensack, New Jersey

Our Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus

Since competition days in rhythmic gymnastic in the late seventies, our goal has been to improve the quality of rhythmic gymnastics apparatus, in order to help enhance the fluidity and grace of this beautiful sport. Our products range from ribbons and hoops to ropes and plastic children's clubs in slim designs. From a variety of colors to soft quality materials, we hope you will feel the difference in your movements with our products. Contact us for more information.

Our Ropes Include:
• Elite Rope
• Elite Hemp
• Neon Ropes
• Synthetic Ropes
• Slender Speed Rope
• Slender Rope Styles
Our Clubs Include:
• Jr./Sr. Elite Clubs
• Jr./Sr. Rubber Clubs
• Jr./Sr. Plastic Clubs
• Jr./Sr. Regulation Clubs

Contact us in Hackensack, New Jersey, for dance and rhythmic
gymnastics apparatus including ribbons and hoops.